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Dendrobium Candidum


  • Assists with the maintenance of gut health
  • Improves digestive function
  • Clears heat and toxins from the body


Benefits of Dendrobium Candidum from Literature (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dendrobium Candidum is primarily used to replenish fluids in the body. It is commonly used as a yin tonic to moisten the stomach and lungs, and has also been traditionally used as a tea to replace kidney yin jing. The application and medicinal functions of Dendrobium Candidum have been recorded in many Ancient Chinese medical works such as “Compendium of Materia Medica”and “Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. According to the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010”, the function and indications of Dendrobium Candidum include nourishing yin and clearing heat. It is used for fever, dry mouth and polydipsia, lack of stomach yin, deficiency of yin and fire, fever due to exhaustion, and weakness of muscles and bones. Dendrobium Candidum reinforces vital energy, and helps bring out the body fluid. It promotes blood circulation and aids the transferal of vital energy. It can reinforce Qi and promote the production of the body fluid, nourish Yin and invigorate the stomach.


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