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Loquat Lozenges


  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Soothe coughing
  • Eliminates phlegm
  • Removes toxins


Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) has been widely used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of many diseases including coughs and asthma. Scientific-based studies have proven that Loquat may be used as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic agent for the treatment of pains and inflammatory diseases.

Different parts of the loquat plant have been used historically as folk medicines and this has been recorded in Chinese history for thousands of years. Research shows that loquat extracts contain many antioxidants, and different extracts exhibit bioactivity capable of counteracting inflammation, diabetes, cancer, bacterial infection, aging, pain, allergy and other health issues. 

The leaves of Eriobotrya japonica have been widely used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of many diseases including gastroenteric disorders, diabetes mellitus, chronic bronchitis and asthma. 

The Loquat plant is known to have an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral effect9. This plant also has historical usage for the treatment of lung-related disorders and other inflammatory-related disorders.

Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) has long been used in Chinese and Japanese cultures to treat chronic bronchitis, coughs, phlegm, high fever and gastroenteric disorders. Scientific-based studies have proven that the naturally occurring organic chemical compounds, terpenoids (extracted from loquat leaves), provide anti-tumor, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


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