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Eagle Health Holdings Limited successfully listed, growing into the first Chinese eco-pharmaceutical industry listed in Australia

(Mr. MingwangZhang, chairman of Eagle Health Holdings and Ms. Linxiang Chen, executive director, sounded the first bell for listing in Sydney’s ASX on 3rdJuly,2017)

(Eagle Health Holdings Limited successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 3rdJuly, 2017)

The listing ceremony of the Eagle Health Holdings Limited (stock code EHH) Australian board (ASX) was held at 12:00 in Sydney on 3rd July. It is the first Chinese eco-pharmaceutical industry listed on the main board of Australia and it is also a gorgeous debut of the Chinese health products brand in the international market. The Eagle Health Holdings listed due to the guidance and sponsorship from the Australian capital IDC. It was touted by Australian and international investors, setting a record of"Chinese concept stock” maximum amount of listed financing in the first half of 2017 on ASX.

More than 100 guests and more than 10 Chinese and foreign media reporters have been presented and witnessed this historic moment, such as principal leaders of ASX , the Chinese Embassy in Australia Commercial Consul, president of Xinhua News Agency in Canberra, former Deputy Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs in Australia,former Sports Minister of Tourism,president of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Australia, the president of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Australia, IDC capital partners,etc.

Mingwang Zhang,Chairman of the Board of Eagle Health Holdings, spoke on behalf of the Board:"Eagle Health Holdings Limited health officially listed in the Australian Stock Exchange, which is an important milestone in the history of the Eagle.Listing is not the end, but a new starting point, moving towards internationalization and publication. The successful listing reflects the Eagle’s business model, growth potential, profitability, management team,development prospects that are widely recognized from capital market.”

He said,"In recent years, with the improvement of Chinese consumption levels, a growing awareness of health living and positive policy, China's health industry has ushered in a golden period. As the leading enterprise of health products industry in Fujian province, we have the responsibility and ability to connect Australia's health products reaching world's pharmaceutical standards with China's biggest health products market.Furthermore,we are confident that we will share Dendrobium made by eagle and other valuable Chinese herbal medicine health products with Australian nationals.”

He also said, "We choose to list on the main board of Australia to set up a bridge between China and Australia for realizing the complementary resources and market and taking advantage of Australia’s mature research, product and capital market.Currently, the Eagle has partnered with Monash University in Australia and has become the sole agent of China’s natural therapy for the treatment of grey nails. At the same time, it will also introduce a patent for diabetes.It has also attracted a long-term investmentof 11 million Australian dollars(about 60 million RMB) from Nativa, SouthAfrica’s largest health care company,which will open up the sales market in Africa. We will also use this bridge to bring traditional Chinese medicine products to the international community and bring benefits to the world.”

The Eagle Health is a comprehensive ecological pharmaceutical enterprises with a history of 16 years,integrating on research, development, production and sales of amous trademarkin Fujian province and Xiamen economy top 10 gold signs in 2016. It comes to the forefront of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine represented by dendrobium with "ancients”at home and abroad.

The Eagle Health Holdings Limited will seize the favorable momentum of Chinese major health industry, relying on research and development technology in the Australian health industry, leveraging the international capital markets so that it can achieve rapid development and reward shareholders with the best performance.

(The leader of ASX and Mr. Mingwang Zhang, president of Eagle Health Holdings, posed for photographs.)

(This is listing ceremony of the Eagle Health Holdings Limited. Mr. Mingwang Zhang, president of Eagle Health Holdings(first on the right), Ting, jiang, the partner of IDC capital management, replied to Chinese and foreign media reporters.(second on the right).)

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